Hello Elmer!- March 2017

I want to introduce you all to the newest member of the Family Elmer!

He’s a rescue through the Okinawa stray pet rescue. It’s a non profit organization founded by an USAF veteran. They take in strays people pick up and also rescue animals from the kill shelter Ozato. Elmer was one of those they rescued from a kill shelter.

His story goes, he was found in a glue trap, and brought to Ozato. Many of the animals get gassed in 7 days if not claimed by an owner, but some get rescued and are passed off to foster care. Elmer was rescued and put in foster care. His foster family took the time and effort to clear off all the glue in his fur. By the time they were done he had no fur at all on one side of his body.

From this he was very shy, and timid. He had been bounced around the foster homes a lot, because these foster homes are just military families who take in animals when they can.

One day my friend Dannie and myself decided to go to one of the adoption fairs. I saw him sitting in a cage and was like that’s it, that’s my cat. I held him and fell deeply in love instantly! I took a ton of pictures and spammed my boyfriend with them and begged. He finally facetimed me and told me “ that’s not fair that’s never gonna work again.” I was confused at what he was talking about, he meant me sending him cute pictures of a cat. He then said we can get a cat but it has to be that cat we get! And I was all for it!

So now we have little Elmer. He’s the sweetest. His meow is quite pathetic sometimes though but we love him anyway.

Soon he will be walking on a leash and going on  many adventures!



Hey guys! Its Brylee. I attempted a blog before but it didn’t work out as I wanted so I’m gonna try again and focus more.  I doubt many will ever read this or make it famous but why not try. It’s a blog, it’ll be fun. What is the purpose of this blog? Well I haven’t fully found that out yet. I do know that I can create some sort of lifestyle blog. This will include traveling, modeling, lifestyle tips and tricks, workout ideas, recipes, and of course my kitty!